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Advantages of Commercial Soymilk
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Commercial  Soymilk for the crowd are: high-level hotel restaurant, Chinese and  Western restaurants, high-end restaurants, Chinese and Western fast food  restaurants, bread cake shop, coffee shop, beverage shop, business unit  canteen, night market stalls, convenience stores, large supermarket  food area ,  High-speed service area restaurant, snack shop, train dining car,  long-distance passenger ships, air flights, entertainment (bath center,  Muzu Hall, KTV, chess room, studios), fast food catering company, mobile  drinks cars, Taoist temples, school kindergartens and so on. From these can be seen that this type of crowd needs milk and milk  drinks demand is very large, that yuan benefits Soymilk What are the  advantages to meet their needs?
1, commercial Soymilk capacity, small supplies, low production costs, short-term will be able to return.
2, commercial Soymilk can produce soy milk, rice cereal, corn juice,  fruits and vegetables Mi Mi and other beverages, are multi-functional  machines, the production of 10L soy milk consumption of only 600g  soybean supplies are very small.
3, commercial Soymilk production standards in accordance with the  standards of soy milk industry, the taste is very good, you can make soy  milk, rice cereal, corn juice, fruits and vegetables Mi Mi and other  drinks, open body cavity pollution, health and safety
4, commercial Soymilk a push pulp paste, simple operation
5, commercial Soymilk use open cavity body, no health dead angle, easy  to clean, the machine structure at a glance is not easy to failure,  home service.
6,  commercial use of motor milk forced cooling, special air duct cooling,  to solve the problem of Soymilk does not heat burner, in the heat  situation, the Soymilk can be continuous uninterrupted work, while the  service life is also longer.