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Characteristics and Advantages of LC Vertical Long Axial Pump Motor
- Oct 16, 2017 -

LC-type vertical long-axis pump motor features and advantages:

1. The motor is a national standard motor, easy to choose and install.

2. The motor and the pump are connected with the elastic coupling, which is convenient for the user to install and dismantle.

3. Motor rack between the motor and the pump, while supporting the motor, open a window, easy to observe and repair operation.

4. Shaft adjustment nut Underneath the motor, it can be easily adjusted from the window of the motor rack.

5. Bearing body in the lower part of the adjustment nut, the motor rack, which has oil and fuel filler, easy to observe the oil level and refueling at any time.

6. Water pipe design in line with national standards, beautiful design, with supporting the water performance, the use of national standard flange, with the standard pipeline system supporting.

7. Couplings and shaft with a compact and with the interference, so that the shaft system into one, coaxial high, no soft axis phenomenon.

8. Hinge casing to separate the media and lubricating fluid, with the protection of the shaft from the function of erosion.

9. Guide bearing with a variety of materials available for users to choose (the user can choose according to different media and its requirements).

10. Impeller and deflector are designed and manufactured according to optimized hydraulic model

11. Inhalation horn mouth with a pinch, with diversion and elimination of fluid vortex function, is conducive to efficient fluid inhalation and pumping.