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Commercial Soymilk motor maintenance points
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Commercial Soymilk motor maintenance points:
1.  When the cup is free or the water level is too low, the motor and the  heating pipe do not work, not the fault, the water is placed close to  the water level line is better.
2. Scrub can only use  water, clean brush scouring the bottom of the nose attached to the milk,  do not soak the nose into the water or water rinse the first half of  the nose.
3. The commercial Soymilk placed in the indoor  ventilation and dry place, should not be directly exposed to sunlight,  so as not to fade plastic parts.
4. Commercial Soymilk motor should be placed on the platform surface, so as not to tilt the machine to increase the vibration.
5. After the use of the plug must be removed from the socket before cleaning. When the surface of the shell is dirty, use a soft cloth to wipe; dirt serious, you can use detergent cleaning.
6. Bucket cleaning, after each use, the temperature dropped to the barrel is not hot or cold water for rapid cooling after. To  clockwise loose, remove the slurry separator, drained after the pulp  residue, with water, brush gently scour the surface of the soybean  fiber.