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How to drill holes and install discs in motor shaft machining?
- Sep 19, 2018 -

In the machining of the motor shaft, the following will continue to learn this aspect, because this is what we all hope, so that we can get some new knowledge from it and at the same time increase our expertise in this area, so that It is a lot of benefits for us, so why not take it seriously and carry it out!

1. Machining the motor shaft. If it is drilling, what are the common methods?

The machining of the electronic shaft is the machining of the motor shaft. If it is drilling, there are some common methods. Specifically, it is: machining on a lathe, or drilling a hole, if the hole diameter Not too big. However, it should be noted that the drill process and the motor axis should be consistent.

2. The material of the motor shaft is generally why? What are the professional names of the holes at both ends? In addition, what is the role?

The material of the motor shaft is generally 40Cr material, but in the machining of the motor shaft, the keyway is easy to be used. Therefore, at this point, we should pay attention to it and should avoid it. The professional name of the hole at both ends is the top hole or the process hole, which is generally used during processing.

3. How to install the disc on the motor shaft?

On the motor shaft, for the installation of the disc, generally, there are two methods. One is to make the inner diameter of the disc larger than the size of the motor shaft, and then install the disc by heating. The second is to machine the motor shaft and install it through the keyway. However, this is a little more troublesome.

For the machining of the motor shaft, it can be said that the above problems are very worthy of timely understanding and mastery, because this is also the necessary knowledge that we have a comprehensive understanding, and at the same time, it has certain practicality, so this will be the case. Conclusion, at the same time, I hope that everyone will strictly implement, and then let yourself have a good learning effect.