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Long axis pump motor works
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Long axis pump motor works:
The  long axis of the pump motor drives the impeller through the shaft to  rotate, the fluid through the impeller to obtain energy, the direction  of the deflector change, along the inner tube and the outer tube between  the flow channel, vertical upward flow through the outlet elbow , Spat out in the horizontal direction. The vertical long shaft pump is connected to the outlet pipe system through the outlet elbow and is fixed by the base and base. Some  of the rubber sliding bearings in the rotating body part, the  lubricating water entering from the injection port on the side of the  stuffing box, flows continuously along the flow path between the inner  tube and the shaft. This is the vertical vertical long-axis pump in the liquid under the long-term work of the key.
Long axis pump motor features:
1, with hydraulic design software to optimize the design, superior  performance, and give full consideration to the impeller, guide vane of  the anti-abrasion properties, so that impeller, guide leaf and other  parts of the life greatly improved; product running smoothly, safe and  reliable, energy efficient.
2, long axis pump motor impeller balance hole balance with axial  force, impeller front and rear cover are equipped with replaceable seal  ring, to protect the impeller and guide vane body.
3,  long shaft pump rotor parts include impeller, impeller shaft, the  middle shaft, the shaft, coupling, adjust the nut and other parts.