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Maintenance of sweeping machine motor
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Sweep motor maintenance work is really important, proper use or regular maintenance will extend the life of sweeping machine, which will improve the efficiency of use, to see the specific maintenance method bar.

First of all to regularly check the sweeping machine motor side brush, the main brush and low sensitivity contact angle, this will make the brush and the ground completely parallel, this will also increase the chances of cleaning, sweeping machine motor after cleaning the ground every time, are To clean up the garbage inside the garbage and dust, and even dust particles on the filter dust, to prevent a large number of garbage or dust precipitation affect the next cleaning effect, and then we have to regularly check the running motor is still there are debris , And then found in time to clean up, and then sweep the machine inside the carbon brush motor is too long too short, are the need for timely replacement.

If the sweeping machine battery is the use of water battery batteries, then, is the need to regularly check the battery is not very adequate electro-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic shortage, then it will affect the battery power and sweeping machine use efficiency.