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Mixer motor installation precautions
- Oct 16, 2017 -

The mixer has a simple structure, but it can not be taken lightly when installed. Installation should pay attention to:
(1) the first mixer should be installed on a qualified concrete foundation. In  the installation, you should first adjust the level to ensure that the  mixer can run smoothly for a long time, in addition to the machine to  leave enough space for operation and maintenance, but also to other  related equipment to leave enough distance, can not affect the operation  and maintenance of other equipment The
(2) V-belt pulley installation. Standard  requirements: size V-belt wheel installed, the wheel width of the  relative displacement of the plane can not be greater than the center  distance of 2/1000; axis parallelism of not more than 6/1000. Therefore,  in the installation must check this request, you can use a ruler or  pull line to check the size of the V-shaped pulley end face relative  displacement, if necessary, move the motor track, so that the V-shaped  pulley end face in the same plane. V-belt also have the appropriate initial pull, generally in the middle with a thumb can press a belt thickness can be.