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Scrubber brush motor characteristics
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Scrubber  brush motor is suitable for frequent use, easy to operate, to ensure  that can remove heavy dirt, and can get high-quality results. The washing machine can effectively carry out the ground cleaning and  maintenance work, at the same time has the following characteristics.
1, high power brush motor and special suction motor design, to ensure high efficiency and extreme low noise use.
2,  a streamlined water tank to prevent damage due to the collision, the  suction motor is placed under the tank, and in the center of the device,  effectively control the noise, the metal hinge connected hatchback  tank, so that maintenance operations More easily, while easy to clean the tank.
3, with a friendly interface design, so that the washing equipment is very easy to operate. The steering wheel position is adjustable.
4,36  volts of power systems, 24 volts than the power system to improve the  power of 50% to ensure that the equipment for a longer period of time,  while reducing the equipment switch, motor and other key components of  wear and tear, extending the life of the machine. Large battery box design, the user can choose a larger battery pack as needed.
5, the device uses double-disc design, brush plate installation, demolition work, without tools, you can easily complete.