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Selection method of juicer motor
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Juicer purchase method
1. Material: preferred food grade 304 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant easy to clean. Plastic and stainless steel can be sucked by the iron iron, fruit  juice is easy to be oxidized, it is easy to be fruit juice corrosion,  rust and produce bacteria.
2.  Power: preferred high-power juicer, recommended the use of 800W and  above power, the greater the power, the faster the speed, the higher the  juice rate, and greater than 26,000 rev / min speed of the juicer, to  break the fruit cell membrane, More nutrition, taste better.
3.  knife net design: knife net is easy to wear parts, the current home  appliance industry has introduced a titanium coated with a knife net,  greatly improve the hardness and service life of the knife net. The diameter of the knife net is also an important indicator, the  diameter of the knife network can continue to maintain the juice rate,  the diameter of the knife net easy to be blocked juice, can not be  lasting juice.
Juicy machine purchase Note:
1, the vertical frame in the host, put down, assembled in place.
2, the bottom of the juicy machine at the bottom of the motor wheel  press down, his hands to be uniform, to confirm the pressure in place, a  few times to see whether the rotation in the rack.
3, into the top cover, and buckle the security buckle. (Buckle the buckle, please buckle the upper part of the buckle, and  then down the pressure, you can buckle in place. Demolition just the  opposite, please open the bottom of the buckle, you can open the  security buckle).
4,  try to machine, to see whether the work is normal, such as noise or  vibration is too large, can be reloaded, the juice will be another  position into a good effect.