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Selection of chemical pump matching motor method
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Chemical  pump in the use of the process, usually by supporting the motor to  bring power, the correct selection of the motor is essential.
1. First, according to the chemical pump using the location, frequency and power factors to determine the motor level and type.
2.  Chemical pump use conditions are more complex, select the motor  according to the altitude, the outside temperature, the transmission of  the media and the installation of the pump to use the motor, such as  some environments need to use explosion-proof motor.
3.  According to the chemical pump operating parameters, to determine the  motor speed, it is best to take into account the energy-saving factors.
4.  According to the requirements of the use of chemical pump to select the  type of matching motor, in the selection process will take into account  the motor starting, braking, reverse, speed, FM and other factors to  choose.
5. According to the use of chemical pump load, speed, FM, start the frequency to choose. If  the motor power used is too large, the efficiency of the pump is  reduced, so that the energy is wasted, the resources and costs are  increased, so the type and power of the motor must be selected  correctly.