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What are the construction requirements of motor shaft repair?
- Nov 11, 2017 -

The following six points is the motor shaft repair construction requirements, teach you how to protect the motor shaft repair

(1) multi points measuring shaft neck size, determine the journal reference (uniform, wear no surface pitting, diameter variation), as a benchmark size according to the transition with the processing requirements of the bushing bore. In order to make the full set of structural adhesive to smooth neck clearance in the sleeve from both ends of the 30mm within the car pitch 15mm, groove width of spiral groove 3mm, deep 1.5mm, at both ends of the spiral groove into the ring groove to form a closed car. Determination of interference between axle sleeve and bearing by heat resistance of structural adhesive.

(2) handle the surface of shaft neck surface. In order to ensure the reliability, combined with structural adhesive and shaft neck surface bonded firmly, we must eliminate the grease and rust pit shaft, surface pitting of the neck, with pure metal surface.

(3) injecting glue. When the axle sleeve is cooled to about 30 degrees, both ends of the shaft sleeve are sealed with sealing materials to prevent leakage. The bottom hole of the axle sleeve is connected with the spiral groove to install the glue injection hole, and the upper part of the shaft sleeve is provided with a rubber overflow device. The liquid structure glue is injected into the axle sleeve and journal clearance until the overflow is applied, and the glue injection hole is blocked to prevent leakage.

(4) heating shaft sleeve, hot loading to the shaft neck, positioning and adjustment, to ensure that the coaxial meets the requirements.

(5) heat preservation and solidification. Due to repair when the ambient temperature is relatively low, has a certain effect on the structure of adhesive, so the use of thermal radiation on thermal insulation sleeve 8h above, to ensure that the mechanical properties of structural adhesive.

(6) determine the good and the bearing interference fit tolerance requirements in machining sleeve diameter, hot charging rolling bearing to strictly control the heating temperature, heating uniformity, bearing temperature rise slowly. Measure the bearing surface temperature and the bore size of bearings repeatedly to ensure that the bearings are installed in place once.