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What is the motor shaft extension and how the motor shaft diameter is determined
- Nov 01, 2018 -

1. What is the specific extension of the motor shaft?

The extension end of the motor shaft, in particular, the shaft extension end, that is, a part that can be used to support the shaft, and it is a component that can guide the shaft to rotate, and the part that is idle on the shaft also has Certainly able to withstand. In addition, in terms of specific types, in general, there are mainly four, and the more common one is the rolling drive shaft.


2. On the motor shaft, how should the diameter of each shaft segment be determined? And, are there any precautions?

The diameter of each shaft segment on the motor shaft, if you want to make a determination, then mainly depends on the load on the shaft. If there is a shaft section with the requirements, then standard tolerances should be used as much as possible. In this way, standard parts can be used very well.

For the determination of the diameter of the shaft section of the motor shaft, there are some precautions, which mainly include:

In the determination of the length of the shaft segment, it should be as compact as possible, and also ensure sufficient space for assembly and adjustment. In addition, in the axial positioning, the length of the shaft segment should be shorter than the length of the hub. Generally speaking, it should be 2 to 3 mm shorter, which is more suitable.

These problems are very important for the motor shaft, and they also have certain practicability.