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Analyze The Factors That Affect The Vibration Of The Chemical Pump From The Motor
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Chemical pump vibration causes analysis of the unit and the pump room building vibration causes more, some factors are both linked and interact.

We mainly from the motor aspects of chemical pump vibration caused by the original:

The motor is the main equipment of the chemical pump unit, the internal magnetic imbalance of the motor and other electrical system imbalance, often caused in the open chemical pump vibration and noise. And this is not only in the chemical pump will occur such vibrations, for other pumps are the same, such as asynchronous motor in operation, by the stator rotor harmonic flux interaction generated by the rotor between the radial alternating magnetic , Or large synchronous motor in operation, the fixed rotor magnetic center is inconsistent or the air gap in each direction exceeds the allowable deviation, etc., may cause the motor cycle vibration and noise.