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Can Motor Shaft Neck Fracture Be Repaired?
- Nov 11, 2017 -

The motor shaft neck fracture can be repaired, if you have this convenient welding technology can repair yourself, but under normal circumstances, recommend specialist staff to help you repair, you also need to pay attention to matters of motor shaft fracture repair welding, so help to you

The shaft neck fracture of the motor can be repaired theoretically, and the welding and post weld heat treatment are the important links in the whole repair process. Before welding must carefully clean the original shaft and machining shaft head, strictly remove all impurities such as oil which will produce hydrogen gas.

Welding can choose 857 welding rod, diameter is 3.2, welding before welding electrode in the heat source drying 2h, with the use, remove the water in the electrode. In the DC electric welder using reverse welding method, first remove the motor rotor shaft and shaft processing preheating 300 DEG C onto the roller bracket, start symmetrical staggered welding Park, layer filled U groove.

The current value of welding can be 90~100, slow welding to prevent the rotor shaft overheating. Immediately after welding by gas heating torch welding position 100 ~ 120 mm within the region, while the continuous rotation of the rotor shaft, so that uniform heating, avoid deformation. When the heating temperature reaches 500~600 degrees, holding 1H, hanging into the oven at 300 degrees, together with cooling to room temperature.