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Classification Of Old Scooter Motor
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Motor has been widely used in our lives, most of the elderly scooter is the application of the motor, it also requires the support of the motor, then today to introduce the old scooter motor, so you also understand the old scooter What is the motor.

Elderly electric cars commonly used motor is generally DC motor, according to have, no permanent magnet classification, divided into permanent magnet motor and series motor two categories. The part of the motor is called the rotor, and the part that does not rotate is called the stator. Permanent magnet motor rotor or stator has a permanent magnet, and the other is the enameled wire wound wire package; series motor rotor and stator are enameled wire wound package. The same power of the motor, permanent magnet motor than the string motor power. Permanent magnet motor afraid of high temperature, poor quality of 110 degrees will be demagnetized, good quality can be 140 degrees will appear demagnetization phenomenon; and string motor does not have a permanent magnet, there is no high temperature and demagnetization problem.

Market sales of the elderly scooter, the motor power is generally 400 watts -900 watts, the general use of string motor, string motor is a brush motor. Three rounds of travel around 300 on the line, the general use of permanent magnet motor. Elderly electric bicycle motor is generally 180 watts to 250 watts.