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LC Vertical Long Axis Pump Motor Energy Use Of The Eight Coup
- Oct 16, 2017 -

LC vertical long-axis pump motor energy, everyone estimated that can not help but think of those control systems, through effective control to save LC series vertical long-axis pump motor running power consumption. Today we teach you to use LC vertical long-axis pump motor energy saving eight coup.

1, as far as possible to shorten the pipeline.

2, do not "anti-aircraft gun" type out of the water pipe. Because this outlet pipe to increase energy consumption. At the same time to make vertical long axis pump outlet is facing the pool.

3, try to increase the diameter of the outlet pipe.

4, in time to clear the plug within the pipeline. Foreign matter in the inlet pipe, impeller or diversion tank flow channel, will make the amount of water to reduce.

5, as far as possible the use of coupling direct drive, this is because the coupling direct transmission than the belt drive high efficiency.

6, in ensuring the premise of clean water, you can remove the filter.

7, to LC-type vertical long-axis pump motor parts carefully check to prevent the pump into the air. If the pump into the air, the water will be significantly reduced.

8, can use the motor without the diesel engine or gasoline engine, conditional use of three-phase asynchronous motor without single-phase asynchronous motor.