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Maintenance Instructions For Sweeping Motor
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Sweep motor maintenance Note:

1, more rain in the summer, when there is a poor drainage or water deep sections, try not to wipe the sweep of the car, so that the bubble caused by short circuit and other problems.

2, when the sweeping car generator reprint, you can help the generator to the power supply facilities. You can also store a spare battery system for next use.

3, sweeping motor motor is more afraid of the tide, if the moisture infiltration is very vulnerable to damage, and the summer is a rainy season, so do the maintenance of the charging system to ensure that the sweeping vehicles to normal operation.

4, to regularly check the car charging system to check whether the electrolyte is within the normal range, often to the electrolyte filled with distilled water, filling the mouth on the ventilation eye smooth without obstruction, otherwise it will lead to sweeping the battery inside the battery pressure The ambassador shell burst.