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Motor Shaft Machining Need To Understand What ?
- Mar 07, 2018 -

In the motor shaft processing, the requirements to try to improve the surface finish reasons, mainly to improve the processing effect, as well as its processing efficiency. Moreover, this is also beneficial to the motor shaft, its specific processing methods, mainly data processing, polishing, quenching and so on.

Motor shaft machining, motor shaft ends of the hole, the overall processing is very important. The standard name should be a top hole or a hole in the process. Its specific role is to be used in finishing positioning, or to limit the position of the motor on the wheel, and when loading and unloading process when the threaded hole to use.


Motor shaft processing, if you want to do through the motor side of the shaft while turning the axial advance and retreat, the specific approach is: motor shaft gear, and then the gear sleeve gear, gear drive to drive the screw rotation. At the same time, screw the screw nut, and the nut is fixed on the bottom plate. After that, through the screw rotation, you can achieve.


Motor shaft machining, the motor shaft wear repair, which can be used to carry out specific methods?

In the motor shaft processing, for motor shaft wear repair, you can use plating this way, mainly for brush plating, and then grinding. Or, you can use welding repair, and then go to stress after welding processing, can be.