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Performance Characteristics Of Brush Motor In Sweeping Machine
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Sweeping machine side brush motor performance characteristics:

1, through the sweeping machine edge brush motor high-speed rotation, the formation of a vacuum in the host, the use of the resulting high-speed air from the suction port into the garbage. At this time the speed of air flow up to 240 per hour, lice and other pests into the host within, because of high-speed collision dust tube wall and died.

2, inhalation sweeping machine waste, was accumulated in the bag machine, the filter has been purified air, then the side of the cooling motor, was discharged sweeping machine.

3, sweeping machine side brush motor is sweeping machine heart, its performance is good or bad, can directly affect the reliability of sweeping machine. In addition, the sweeping machine used by the motor, every minute rotation of 20,000 to 40,000 turn. And such as the fan of the motor, the speed of about 1800 ~ 3600 rpm per minute, which can be seen sweeping machine brush motor speed is how high.

4, the correct performance of the sweeping machine brush brush motor performance unit, not the input power (wattage, or amperage), but the output power (suction power).

5, the suction force, depending on the resulting wind and vacuum force together, but these two factors have the opposite characteristics. In other words, when the wind power is weak, the vacuum is strong when the wind becomes smaller. The maximum value of the sum of the two, that is, the sweeping power of the sweeping machine, the inhalation power is expressed in watts (W). This definition is an international standard for the performance of sweeping machines as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is recognized worldwide.