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Special Drilling Tool For Machining Of Motor Shaft
- Nov 29, 2017 -

In motor production, processing of the motor shaft generally need to drill the center hole of the two on the lathe chuck for stepped shaft, drilled end of the center hole of the other end turn drilling center hole, both ends of the motor shaft shaft center hole two clamping, laborious and time consuming. The following is a simple and easy to operate special center drilling tool. By using this drill tool, the motor shaft can be processed by hand, and the efficiency is increased by several times than that of the original processing method. It also reduces labor intensity and is easy to use. Even if the operator is not skilled, it can also be competent. The center drill chuck is arranged in the machine tool taper hole, the other end of the center drill chuck clamping drill center hole. The center drill is mounted at one end of the center chuck, and a platform is worn to tighten the top wire. The cone is sheathed in the tailstock taper hole in. The conical size of the conical sleeve and the conical slip sleeve should be determined according to the size of the machined motor shaft, usually between 30 degrees ~45 degrees. The cone slider can be prevented from slipping out and control of the depth of the center hole. The drill is specifically equipped with a positioning screw. The drill can be used to make a piece of square iron on the welding machine before cutting it on the tool holder, and shaking the drill to make it in the proper position of the central drill chuck. Then, the center of the drill die is calibrated and clamped on the tool holder.

When machining, first start the machine tool, then put the workpiece into the cone sliding sleeve, shake the tail hand wheel, make the cone sleeve press the workpiece and move to the center drill direction (feed), then you can drill out the center hole. After drilling the center hole, the tail and the conical sleeve are shakes back in place, and the center hole of the other end is processed by adjusting the head. In order to improve the smoothness of the center hole and the durability of the center drill, when machining, the cooling holes can be poured by using the circular holes on the drill holes and the long groove on the conical sliding sleeve. The characteristics of this kind of drilling tools are: easy to manufacture, easy to operate and suitable for popularization.