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Sweep Motor Role
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Sweepers  are generally sorted by way of walking, way of operation or dust  removal, usually by way of operation classification: hand-push sweeping  and hand-sweeping vehicles, no power sweeping vehicles 216A,  self-sweeping vehicles, pure sweeping sweeping (Suction  car), wet sweeping vehicles, full suction sweeping vehicles,  multi-function sweeping vehicles, large-scale sweeping vehicles Sweeping cars and so on.
And to these types of sweeping cars to drive up, then sweep the car motor played a vital role!
Motor commonly known as "motor". Refers  to the electromagnetic induction law according to the law of energy  conversion or transmission of an electromagnetic device. Its main role is to produce the driving torque, as a power source for electrical appliances or various machines. The generator is indicated by the letter G in the circuit. Its  main role is the use of mechanical energy into electrical energy, the  most commonly used is the use of heat, water and other power generators  to promote power generation.

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