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The Cause And Treatment Of The Fracture Of The Motor Shaft
- Nov 29, 2017 -


The main reasons for the fracture of the motor shafts are as follows:

(1)the vibration of the motor lieutenant, whose dynamic load increases and even overloads, causes the shaft to break up.

(2)Due to the steps formed by the axis diameter difference, the section of the shaft suddenly changes, or the axis has the keyway, which causes the axis to produce stress concentration and break.

(3)The motor frequently starts, or the start speed is too fast to cause the shaft to break.

(4)the carbon, silicon and sulfur components in the shaft material are high, causing cracks or deformation in the quenching and tempering and increasing the brittleness.

In addition, during the forging process, the internal defects such as crystal segregation, carbide segregation and so on will not change the shape of the shaft material, which will expand and form cracks in the later quenching and tempering, making the strength of the shaft less than enough strength and breaking in operation.

2. treatment method

The Countermeasures for the serious fracture of the output axis of the motor in the body of the box: the new axis must be replaced.

(1)The fracture depth of the motor output shaft outside the box does not exceed 10% of the axle diameter, and the repair measures for spare parts are lacking: welding method can be adopted and welding will continue for a period of time after welding. Welding methods and technical requirements are carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations.

(2)the Countermeasures of the breakage of the motor high speed shaft or the gear shaft: the new shaft must be replaced.