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The Characteristics Of Vertical Long Axis Motor
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Vertical long axis motor technical parameters:
1, voltage: single-phase, three-phase
2, frequency: 50Hz
3, Material: aluminum alloy, cast iron
4, temperature: high temperature 250 ° C-1000 ° C (shaft), ambient temperature 80 ° C; low temperature -80 ° C-150 ° C
5, features: beautiful appearance, easy installation, low noise
6,  material: high temperature motor, can withstand 300,500,800,1000  degrees high temperature use, different temperature different prices are  getting higher and higher, different shaft material

Vertical long axis motor features:
1, high temperature motor with stylish aluminum design, shell using paint technology, handsome in appearance.
2, the motor selection of high precision bearings Japanese brand NSK, special bearing grease, vibration small.
3,  the use of one bay motor electromagnetic high-tech technology designed  to reduce the motor's electromagnetic load, improve the performance of  the motor.
4, high temperature motor using  high temperature H-class insulation material to ensure that the motor in  high temperature environment safe operation, not aging, not burned.
5, the use of advanced force analysis method to optimize the structural design.