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The Reason Analysis Of Several Aspects Of The Vibration Of The Motor Shaft
- Dec 13, 2017 -

Cause of vibration

1, electromagnetic aspects, 2, mechanical aspects, 3, mechanical and electrical mixing.

Electromagnetic aspects:

Power supply: three phase voltage (unbalanced, phase running of three phase motor)

In the stator aspect, the core becomes ellipse, eccentricity, loosening, winding broken line, grounding breakdown, interturn short circuit and unbalanced three-phase current.

Rotor fault: iron core becomes ellipse, eccentricity, loosening, rotor short loop and cage open welding and fracture. The three phase winding of the winding rotor is unbalanced, the winding broken line, the grounding breakdown, the interturn breakdown, the connection error and the bad contact of the brush.

Mechanical aspects:

In the motor itself, the rotor is unbalance, the rotating shaft is bent, the slip ring is deformed, the air gap of the fixed rotor is uneven and the magnetic center is not consistent. Bearing fault: bad foundation installation. The mechanical strength is not enough. Resonance, anchor screw loosening, motor fan damage. When the bearing operation is close to the service life, the vibration of the motor increases gradually, and the bearing runs with noise.

Coupling aspect: the coupling is damaged, the connection is bad, and the finding center is not allowed to load the mechanical unbalance system resonance.

Electromechanical mixing:

The vibration of the motor is often the unequal air gap, which causes the single side electromagnetic tension, and the tension further increases the air gap, and the electromechanical mixing is characterized by mechanical and electrical vibration.

The Motor Shafts string motion, the rotor's gravity or installation level and the electromagnetic pull caused by the center of the magnetic force cause the motor to move axially, causing the motor vibration to increase, and the bearing wear is serious.