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What Are The Reasons For Several Kinds Of Wear In The Motor Shafts
- Jan 10, 2018 -

For Motor Shafts bearing wear and end cover bearing room wear problem, traditional methods such as welding after machining, inlay sleeve, brush plating, spraying, stamping, scrap, although these methods to a certain extent to the needs of production, but can not fundamentally solve the problem, but also buried continuous production the risk of security, such as high temperature deformation, cracks, peeling and so on; at the same time, the continuation of the traditional method of equipment management will not bring substantial improvement.


Common: bearing position, bearing room (seat), keyway and other movement surface wear and so on. The main reasons for the wear are as follows:

1. the equipment has been installed, overhauled and lubricated unregulated, untimely, and not in place to cause rapid wear and tear of the equipment.

2., vibration, pressure and impact force cause the impact wear of the mating parts. Due to the high strength of the metal material, the concession is not good, so the long-term operation will inevitably cause the gap increasing, so the wear, crack and fracture can not be avoided.

3. the quality of the manufacturing is not high, the heat treatment can not meet the requirements of wear and tear, and the axle head is broken when it is serious.